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Competition is the key word driving businesses the world over. And in the current context, the competition is increasingly becoming more and more intense. Business houses are doing all that it takes to emerge ahead of others. Most of them are employing the latest and the best in technology to enhance their profit margins and reduce their infrastructural costs. VoIP, for one, is increasingly being used to streamline communications within several organizational contexts. The importance of VoIP business services can be understood in this context.Voice over IP (also know as VoIP) came forward as a solution of telecommunication whereby it is possible for people to make low cost calls. As voice over IP works on the principle of transferring digital voice over the Internet, it thus paves the way for wireless transmission of data packets in contrast to the traditional means of telephony where long wires are required to complete the connection.

This has led to a cost effective way of achieving telephony services. The technology has ushered in a new revolution in business with VoIP business services. Now, it has become possible for people to go for existing broadband connections and start availing voice call along with other facilities such as video chats and recordings of a conversation. The installation of this technology is simple; and this is enhanced by the technical expertise of service providers.These calls are not restricted to any particular country or nation. It means that one can make calls to a person living in the same country or to in a different Nation at the same tariff rate. The VoIP service does not recognize national or continental barriers. All this technology does is that it converts “voice” to digital packets and sends them over the Internet. The receiver on the other end gets the calls after it has been reconverted to analog form from digital packets. Moreover, the technology is feature-rich with options such as auto-attendant, advanced call forwarding, integrated fax support and outlook options.It can be installed very easily with certain extra gadgets such as Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) and Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC). There is a central office(CO) that determines the voice paths. Moreover, with the presence of wholesalers and resellers, the VoIP phone service sees no boundaries and brings the services to people around the globe. The carriers at the lower tiers lease services from the ones at a higher tier and resell them to their targeted customers. Thus, call termination to international gateways is a reality with the Voice over IP. It is this phenomenon of acceding to international calls that has led to the flourishing of the business VoIP service. Businesses have really seen a new light with the coming of VoIP service. Call centers have their foundation stone laid on such services.

The service providers have improved upon the VoIP business plans and made it suitable for a lot of organizations. There is no doubt about the fact that the providers are offering a platform that is simple and easy for their customers to carry forward an interaction, improve upon a business team’s efficiency and also overcome any frustration of customers. This has really led to the growth of organizations that completely rely on this high-end technology for their day to day business. The VoIP services are thus a unique means of achieving that which was never possible before.

Online Lead Generation: Can it Work for My Business? | Business Services

Business-to-business service providers have a wide range of tactics they can deploy to gain new clients or customers. Direct mail; cold calling; TV, radio or print advertising are all ways in which B2B services gain new customers. In the last 10 years, the Internet has become another strategy to boost business, through advertising, web site optimization and online lead generation.What is Online Lead Generation?Simply put, online lead generation automatically sends information on prospective clients and their service needs to your e-mail inbox or to a web site account. Internet services such as provide your business with an account where you can upload your business profile, location, hours of operation, client testimonials, and licensing information. Potential customers fill out a form online with their requirements for what kind of service they need, that potential client is matched with B2B providers for that service in their local area (or nationally, if the situation warrants), and the client’s information is e-mailed to the matched B2B providers.

What Kind of Information Do Potential Clients Provide?When a potential client fills out a form to request B2B services, they provide their name, phone number, location, and type of service needed. Depending on what kind of B2B service the client needs, they may provide even more detail, such as when they need the work completed; their target audience (for marketing services); the size of their staff (for human resources and other business services); technical requirements; the size of their office space (for furniture and other facilities services); and more.Can Online Lead Generation Work for My Business?Mark Shulimson, manager of says “We use a number of both automated and human quality assurance checks to ensure the quality of our requests.” While receiving a lead from a potential client is a major part of the equation, salesmanship comes into play. How you approach the potential client when you contact them is a big factor in whether you can convert a lead into a customer. “Once you receive a request, actively following up with them is key. Don’t be passive, don’t let email do the work for you, pick up the phone and make your presentation in person”, says Mr. Shulimson. “Give potential customers reasons to hire you and a sense of urgency. Why should this customer act now? ‘I’m usually booked but have an opening in my schedule this week’.” Be sure that the person who contacts potential clients knows your business, pricing structure, licenses, experience and availability.

What Will it Cost Me?Fee structures for online lead generation service vary widely. Fees also vary depending on what kind of B2B service you provide. “However pricing is structured you need to look at the Return on Investment or ROI. At ProcureAPro, our vendors setup a monthly budget. Say for example $100 budget for lead generation. At the end of a specified time period answer the question I spent $100 did I receive $100 worth of value? Most of the time the answer is going to be yes!”The bottom line is that online lead generation is a cost-effective tool that can help you gain more customers. Using online lead generation in combination with traditional marketing techniques can help you build a string and success B2B service business.